Athlete management

Maximize your capacity and efficiency in coaching your athletes

Integrated Payments

Accept and manage payments from your athletes with ease and security. Streamline your payment management process, and focus on what you do best: Coaching!

Analytics insights

Detailed information regarding each workout for every athlete. No more tedious spreadsheets with endless hours of analysis.

Progress reports

Get a glance at the progress of your team or individual athletes on a comprehensive summary and make the readjustments you need, in moments.

Athlete grouping

Organize athletes into multiple custom groups, for better communication & management, and fast interaction, leveraging group motivation.

Activity feed

View the last training sessions of your athletes in a quick, summarized digest. Managing your communications is a breeze.

Detailed Overviews

An overview for every athlete, complete with thresholds (with historical data), progress, personal bests (on various distances and timeframes), and more!  

Mute athletes

Mute inactive athletes and stop receiving emails and notifications for them, for as long as they remain inactive . Reactivate them later with a click of a button!

Hassle-free athlete onboarding

Create custom questionnaires and forms and help athletes through the process. Receive medical certificates or signed forms, collect all the files in one place, keep a record on their personal bests and identify their actual level!

Automated payments

Make your payments through the automated payments system and save yourself the hassle of having to worry about subscription renewals, upgrades or cancellations.

Athlete filtering

Filter and monitor your athletes, at a glance. Who missed a training session? Who veered off course?

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