About us

Our story, our mission, our values

Endurance coaching made easy

ScienceTraining puts Science into Training. When we put our mind to it, we decided it’s high time we provided endurance coaches a great tool; an enabler, that will give them access to the indisputable benefits of our technology. It will transform the way a coach does business; only for the better! Science does not mean complexity! We’re building an easy to use coaching platform to minimize time needed to coach, manage and monitor your athletes.

Carefree coaching 

Get alerts and notifications when you have to take action

Fast workout schedule builder

Use advanced creation tools to minimize the time needed to design a workout

Access to more athletes

Let your athletes connect with you via our platform

No time wasted to details

Science-based application that offers only what is needed for your coaching jobs

You build the application

Coach-oriented features, added based on popular demand

Science-Based algorithms

Algorithms that make for a low-cost coach assistant, on the cloud

Everything you need is on your dashboard

Get all sorts of information, the smart way, keeping tabs on everything that matters

Nearly-automated customer support

Be ready to reply to your athletes, and improve your services

Robust communication system

Smart alerts, notifications, sessions with coaches and an integrated direct message system; no third party services

No tech-savvy required

Extremely user friendly. No experience with related platforms required

Keep extra-curricular processes organized

Set your tasks as reminders, get notified when an athlete’s subscription is about to expire, or anything else you may need

Our story, our mission, our values

Who we are

We may be academic researchers but, more importantly, we’re real coaches. We can feel your needs and pains! And we can solve them with science.

We started out in 2019, with a small, dedicated team of 4 people. In little more than one year, we managed to pique the interest of some of the leading coaches in the industry. 

Our mission is to provide professional, easy, affordable endurance coaching for everyone, with as little or as much automation as you need.

What drives us

  • Quality is always better than quantity. We need to give you a well-made, robust solution to your most basic daily problems, before tackling the more nuanced issues
  • Our people are our power. We couldn’t do it without them!
  • We’re building a great team culture; it will lead to a great product, a real solution
  • Our customers are human beings, first. And that’s what matters the most
  • We strive to adapt to new circumstances, super fast. Just as you need us to
  • A strong work ethic is what will keep us strong and hard at work. It has, so far
  • We respect and learn from our competitors. There’s room for everyone

Meet the team

Aris Myrkos

Aris Myrkos
Co-Founder & CEO

BSc, MSc, PhD cand., Sports Science
Exercise Physiologist
Trained over 450 athletes
Ironman finisher – Ultramarathoner – Marathoner

Marilena Kokkinou

Marilena Kokkinou
Trainer Development Manager

B.Sc., M.Sc., Sports Science
Athletic Performance Specialist
Exercise Physiologist
Ultraswimmer – Marathoner

Dimitris Tsingos
Co-founder & President

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