​​Training built with Science

Easy-to-use Workout Builder

Spend less time designing training programs for your athletes with:

Color Coding for Workout Events

Color-coded training events, per sport, Including color-coded auto-comparison for “planned” vs “completed” workouts.


Create and save workouts in your library; re-use them whenever you need them, on any training plan, for every athlete. Easy as pie!


Easy tools to determine the Weekly Distribution of Intensity and plan workouts accordingly, with ease.

Automated, customizable annual Training Plan

Use time-saving, automated tools to design, create and re-adjust your training plans with:


Each training plan will be automatically updated if a new threshold is detected or if training zones are changed, for each athlete. The athlete will always have the best training program at hand!

Auto-detection of key indicators

Including Lactate Threshold for running, Functional Threshold Power for Cycling, T-Pace for swimming; and automatically tracked Threshold History, to monitor everyone’s progress.

Compare, copy and paste workouts

Use the brand new Dual Calendar view to compare, copy and paste existing workouts from one athlete to another; all parameters will be automatically updated, according to their specific training zones!

Training and performance quality

Spend less time monitoring and analyzing data for every athlete to get them started and track their performance, with:


You’ll find them under each workout. They’ll keep your interaction with your athletes going, building your relationship with each training session!

Rating of perceived exertion

RPE or emoticon (sad, happy, etc), these indicators will each provide you with more information about the general feel of an athlete’s training session than any number from their watch.


You can find them under each workout, for an athlete to declare any injury they may have suffered during a session. Readjust their plan to compensate for their injury, while also understanding how to avoid it in the future!

Intuitive Coaching Dashboard

Maximize your capacity and efficiency in coaching your athletes with:

Athlete filtering

Filter and monitor your athletes, at a glance. Who missed a training session? Who veered off course?

Activity Feed

View the last training sessions of your athletes in a quick, summarized digest. Managing your communications is a breeze.

Analytics Insights

Detailed information regarding each workout for every athlete. No more tedious spreadsheets with endless hours of analysis.

Timesaving management tools

Minimize the time you spend in managing tasks, with detailed overviews, notifications and reminders:

Detailed Notifications

New and improved in-app and email notifications, for everything that matters, fully sorted and categorized. An email notification will seamlessly redirect you to the page of actionable interest, within the app.

Detailed Overviews

An overview for every athlete, complete with Thresholds (with historical data), Progress, Personal bests (on various distances and timeframes), and more!

Performance Graphs

Fitness, Form, Fatigue and Readiness Graphs, on various timeframes, for optimal monitoring. Avoid Excessive Fatigue or Undertraining Syndromes.

Calendar Notes

Remember anything about a certain workout. Athletes will receive a notification for each new note you add; they’ll also get an email notification. And, athletes can add their own notes, as well!

Automated payments

Make your payments through the automated payments system and save yourself the hassle of having to worry about subscription renewals, upgrades or cancellations.

Sync with Garmin

Sync your ScienceTraining calendar with your Garmin calendar and seamlessly use any Garmin device you have. Save time and remain motivated!

Sync with Polar

Bring your workouts from your Polar watch into your ScienceTraining calendar. Save time and keep your monitoring all nice and tidy!

Mute athletes

Mute inactive athletes and stop receiving emails and notifications for them, for as long as they remain inactive. Reactivate them later with a click of a button!

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