Coaching software for the ultrarunning coach

Ultrarunning means commitment. Design, manage and monitor quality training plans for your ultrarunners. Create better performing athletes.

Your ultrarunning coaching software, to train your runners for from sprint to Ultramarathon

Produce quality, science-based training programs for your ultrarunners. Use backfill data to set threshold levels and monitor them with automated algorithmic readjustments upon zone change. Minimal time required, optimal performance!

Automatically calculated LT-pace & LT-HR

Automatically calculated LT-pace & LT-HR

Got a new ultrarunner? Calculate their LT-pace & LT-HR with backfill data automatically — or from past training sessions. Use a test workout event, if they’re just starting out with ultrarunning and have no past training.

Easy and effective training, to get ultrarunners ready

Easy and effective training, to get ultrarunners ready

Get your ultrarunners prepared for the ultramarathon, using a preset workout training library. No trouble, no long hours, no overhead. Your ultrarunning coaching software is your virtual assistant.

Dynamic, fully editable ultrarunning training plans, with automation

Dynamic, fully editable ultrarunning training plans, with automation

Be in control; use your own training methods to create training plans. The science-based algorithms in our ultrarunning coaching software will keep track of readjustments, leaving your coaching methods intact.

Ultrarunner motivation and engagement

Ultrarunner motivation and engagement

Allow your ultrarunners to comment on their last training session; learn how they felt about it. Use your insights to find out what they need to keep motivated. Change their training plans accordingly, on your ultrarunning coaching software, keeping them engaged!

Great health and status monitoring

Stay one step ahead of every ultrarunner’s status and training consistency, monitoring their health. Fitness trackers can bring all the data you need into your ultrarunning coaching software; into an effective monitoring process. Ultrarunning? You can do it!

Past workout analysis with automation

Past workout analysis with automation

Use past workout data and the occasional test events to tailor every ultrarunner’s – new or existing – next training plans to their needs. Improve their chances of making it to the finish line, with science. Top notch ultrarunners, no injuries, no problem, in virtually no time!

Free preset workouts for ultrarunners

Get started in minutes, with free ready-made presets for every need, such as

  • Hill repeats running
  • Pyramid interval running
  • Tempo running

…and many more.
Create and customize your own workouts, organized and ready to use, on your ultrarunning coaching software.

Train an ultrarunner for free

See the benefits of ScienceTraining for yourself

What’s in it for you?

Design and readjust training plans in a tenth of the time

Analyze data at a fraction of the time and make educated business decisions, fast

Monitor your ultrarunners consistently and error-free

Increase your business up to tenfold the flow, maximizing your capacity

Use time-saving automated tools to update thresholds and make readjustments

Keep your ultrarunners motivated; see customer satisfaction levels skyrocketing

Optimize your coaching efficiency; retain happy ultrarunners that always come back for an upgrade

Why ScienceTraining?

Quick and easy workout schedule builder

Advanced workout creation tools to minimize the time needed to create an ATP or create a brand new program from scratch.

No time wasted to details

Science-based application that offers only what is needed for your coaching jobs. No overloaded screens or unlimited and senseless options.

Science-Based algorithms 

Algorithms that assist you in coaching yourself and/or your ultrarunners. You get a low cost coaching assistant, on the cloud. Automatically updated thresholds and automatic training plan readjustments will help you get everything your ultrarunners need on time and at your standard.

No tech knowledge required

Extremely user friendly. It doesn’t require experience with related platforms, nor a PhD to understand and use your graphs, summaries and notifications.

Affordable price

ScienceTraining offers great value for money. It starts at $14.99 per user, per month. There is a free plan available, for a coach with a single athlete, to get you started. Your ultrarunners can use it for free!

Carefree coaching

ScienceTraining will alert and notify you when you have to take action. i.e. an ultrarunner was overtrained or injured, skipped training, subscription expiration etc.

Insights you need, on your dashboard

Get all sorts of information, the smart way, keeping tabs on everything that matters. It’s your own control center. Time-consuming, intricate procedures to find out if everything is going as planned, is now a thing of the past, with quick insights that matter.

Created by coaches, for coaches

We are both academic researchers and, more importantly, real coaches. We can feel the coaches’ needs and pains! And, we can solve them with science, for you.

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