Interaction & communication

Minimize the time you spend in interaction and communication with your athletes

Comment boxes

You’ll find them under each workout. They’ll keep your interaction with your athletes going, building your relationship with each training session!

Rating of perceived exertion

RPE or emoticon (sad, happy, etc), these indicators will each provide you with more information about the general feel of an athlete’s training session than any number from their watch.

Injury box

You can find them under each workout, for an athlete to declare any injury they may have suffered during a session. Readjust their plan to compensate for their injury, while also understanding how to avoid it in the future!

Centralized comment management

All comments, from all of your athletes, gathered and organized in one place. No more round tripping between different athletes.

Detailed Notifications

New and improved in-app and email notifications, for everything that matters, fully sorted and categorized. An email notification will seamlessly redirect you to the page of actionable interest, within the app.

Calendar Notes

Remember anything about a certain workout. Athletes will receive a notification for each new note you add; they’ll also get an email notification. And, athletes can add their own notes, as well!

Message board

Send messages, post announcements, paste links, upload images or other material, and communicate with athletes, lightning-fast!

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