Train more endurance athletes, more efficiently, in less time

Train more athletes
more efficiently in less time

​​with a holistic, personalized, online platform for endurance coaches


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Design better training plans for your athletes, monitor progress and analyze data with ease, at a fraction of the time.

Design better training plans for your athletes
  • Spend less time designing endurance training plans, monitoring and analyzing data for every athlete — all in one place 
  • Maximize your capacity and efficiency in coaching runners, swimmers, cyclists or triathletes
  • Run evaluation tests for each athlete and start training them from scratch
  • Use time-saving automated tools to re-adjust your training plans
  • Become an efficient endurance coach in Running, Swimming, Cycling and Triathlon, in no time

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Maximize your endurance coaching efficiency with ScienceTraining

Maximize your endurance coaching efficiency
  • Minimize the time spent in managing tasks, with notifications and reminders
  • Retain control over executed vs scheduled training
  • Use automated tools to design the macrocycle, mesocycle and microcycle for each training plan
  • Get scientific guidance to tweak and customize the training plan for each athlete
  • Re-plan easily if everything doesn’t go according to plan
  • Use scientifically sound, ready-made workouts for running, swimming and cycling and help your athletes shine in their sport

What’s in it for you?

Business Value

  • Remain in control of your endurance training methods
  • Maximum potential capacity
  • Minimum time allotted per athlete
  • Optimal management in communication, training and payments
  • Keep in touch with your peers
  • Improved customer service
  • Remote athlete fitness levels evaluation 
  • Remote endurance training
  • Prebuilt workout library, to get you started from day one


  • Tools that make up your virtual assistant in coaching
  • Evaluation of thresholds, testing and zones updating, automatically
  • Recommended training schemes
  • Integration and synchronization with popular platforms like Garmin, Polar (Suunto, Strava coming up).
  • 7 days worth of workouts synced to the athlete’s Garmin watch
  • Automated, categorized notifications about everything you need
  • Specialized content to help you improve your endurance coaching
  • Automated, hassle free payments and subscription renewals and upgrades
  • Mute inactive athletes to reduce communication overhead. Unmute them with a single click

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