Level Up Your Endurance Coaching Business with ScienceTraining

Level Up Your Endurance Coaching Business

  • Simplify your onboarding process.
  • Streamline communication.
  • Monitor and analyze athlete progress.
  • Be in control of your payments.

ScienceTraining connects with

Intergration with Garmin
Intergration with Polar
Intergration with Coros
Intergration with Suunto

The Garmin logo is a trademark of Garmin Ltd.‍ or its subsidiaries, registered in the USA and other countries. The Polar logo is a registered trademark of Polar. Coros logo is a trademark of COROS Wearables Inc. The Suunto logo is a trademark of Suunto Oy.

You’re not just an endurance coach, you’re a business owner too

As a coach

  • Seamless access to complete data for each athlete
  • Design personalized workouts and timely send them to the right athletes
  • Get continuous and ‘live’ feedback from athletes’ actual performance, adjust training plans
  • Keep them motivated and happy
  • Get detailed and timely reports on each athlete
  • Analyze, monitoring and track progress

As a business owner

  • Compliance
  • Make sure all athletes submit medical exams, have health insurance
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Payments
  • Online presence and CRM

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What our users say

Remain in control of your workload, achieve more with less effort, and increase your capacity

Business Value

  • Remain in control of your endurance training methods
  • Maximum potential capacity
  • Minimum time allotted per athlete
  • Optimal management in communication, training and payments
  • Keep in touch with your peers
  • Improved customer service
  • Remote athlete fitness levels evaluation 
  • Remote endurance training
  • Prebuilt workout library, to get you started from day one
  • Strength training library, for easier planning
  • Backfill data from Garmin, to help evaluate new athletes, automatically
  • Multisport activities from Garmin, for improved bookkeeping and more accurate scores
  • Hassle-free athlete onboarding for ease of use and streamlined communication
  • Disseminate announcements and updates with clarity and ease
  • Share material, post links and more


  • Create new or edit and save new and existing training plans; implement a stored plan on multiple athletes
  • Design several weeks worth of workouts and gradually release them to athletes’ calendars in small batches
  • Visualize athletes’ expected performance, identify possible improvements & make readjustments
  • Tools that make up your virtual assistant in coaching
  • Evaluation of thresholds, testing and zones updating, automatically
  • Recommended training schemes
  • Integration and synchronization with popular platforms like Garmin, Polar, Suunto and Coros.
  • 7 days worth of workouts synced to the athlete’s Garmin watch
  • Automated, categorized notifications about everything you need
  • Specialized content to help you improve your endurance coaching
  • Automated, hassle free payments and subscription renewals and upgrades 
  • Mute inactive athletes to reduce communication overhead. Unmute them with a single click
  • Import activity data from external sources, using .FIT files and our importer
  • Rest day events, for improved performance and injury prevention
  • Athlete grouping, for top notch organization and quality communication


Athlete management

  • Integrated Payments
  • Athlete filtering
  • Activity feed
  • Analytics insights
  • Progress reports
  • Hassle-free athlete onboarding
  • Detailed Overviews
  • Automated payments
  • Mute athletes
  • Athlete grouping

Interaction & communication

  • Comment boxes
  • Rating of perceived exertion
  • Injury box
  • Centralized comment management
  • Detailed Notifications
  • Calendar Notes
  • Message board


  • Easy-to-use workout builder
  • Workout library
  • Library with pre-built exercises by ScienceTraining
  • Strength library
  • Macro- or micro-cycle based on intensity distribution
  • Training plan library
  • Auto-updates
  • Auto-detection of thresholds and records
  • Compare, copy and paste workouts
  • Pre-built performance tests
  • Backfill data from popular wearable devices
  • Train by menstrual cycle
  • Dynamic planning
  • Rest day events

Analyzing & monitoring

  • Sync with the most popular wearable devices
  • Multisport activities from any device
  • Multiple .FIT file importer
  • Color coding for workout events
  • Training analysis
  • Expected Fitness-Form-Fatigue (FFF) graph
  • Performance Graphs
  • Readiness Algorithm

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