Level Up Your Endurance Coaching Business with ScienceTraining

Level Up Your Endurance Coaching Business with ScienceTraining

Simplify your onboarding process, streamline communication with your athletes, monitor and analyze their progress using science-backed graphs, and be in control of your payments — all in one convenient place.

ScienceTraining connects with

Intergration with Garmin
Intergration with Polar
Intergration with Coros
Intergration with Suunto

The Garmin logo is a trademark of Garmin Ltd.‍ or its subsidiaries, registered in the USA and other countries. The Polar logo is a registered trademark of Polar. Coros logo is a trademark of COROS Wearables Inc. The Suunto logo is a trademark of Suunto Oy.

You’re not just an endurance coach, you’re a business owner too

As a coach

  • Seamless access to complete data for each athlete
  • Design personalized workouts and timely send them to the right athletes
  • Get continuous and ‘live’ feedback from athletes’ actual performance, adjust training plans
  • Keep them motivated and happy
  • Get detailed and timely reports on each athlete
  • Analyze, monitoring and track progress

As a business owner

  • Compliance
  • Make sure all athletes submit medical exams, have health insurance
  • Accounting and reporting
  • Payments
  • Online presence and CRM

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Remain in control of your workload, achieve more with less effort, and increase your capacity

Business Value

  • Remain in control of your endurance training methods
  • Maximum potential capacity
  • Minimum time allotted per athlete
  • Optimal management in communication, training and payments
  • Keep in touch with your peers
  • Improved customer service
  • Remote athlete fitness levels evaluation 
  • Remote endurance training
  • Prebuilt workout library, to get you started from day one
  • Strength training library, for easier planning
  • Backfill data from Garmin, to help evaluate new athletes, automatically
  • Multisport activities from Garmin, for improved bookkeeping and more accurate scores
  • Hassle-free athlete onboarding for ease of use and streamlined communication
  • Disseminate announcements and updates with clarity and ease
  • Share material, post links and more


  • Create new or edit and save new and existing training plans; implement a stored plan on multiple athletes
  • Design several weeks worth of workouts and gradually release them to athletes’ calendars in small batches
  • Visualize athletes’ expected performance, identify possible improvements & make readjustments
  • Tools that make up your virtual assistant in coaching
  • Evaluation of thresholds, testing and zones updating, automatically
  • Recommended training schemes
  • Integration and synchronization with popular platforms like Garmin, Polar, Suunto and Coros.
  • 7 days worth of workouts synced to the athlete’s Garmin watch
  • Automated, categorized notifications about everything you need
  • Specialized content to help you improve your endurance coaching
  • Automated, hassle free payments and subscription renewals and upgrades 
  • Mute inactive athletes to reduce communication overhead. Unmute them with a single click
  • Import activity data from external sources, using .FIT files and our importer
  • Rest day events, for improved performance and injury prevention
  • Athlete grouping, for top notch organization and quality communication


Athlete management

  • Integrated Payments
  • Athlete filtering
  • Activity feed
  • Analytics insights
  • Progress reports
  • Hassle-free athlete onboarding
  • Detailed Overviews
  • Automated payments
  • Mute athletes
  • Athlete grouping

Interaction & communication

  • Comment boxes
  • Rating of perceived exertion
  • Injury box
  • Centralized comment management
  • Detailed Notifications
  • Calendar Notes
  • Message board


  • Easy-to-use workout builder
  • Workout library
  • Library with pre-built exercises by ScienceTraining
  • Strength library
  • Macro- or micro-cycle based on intensity distribution
  • Training plan library
  • Auto-updates
  • Auto-detection of thresholds and records
  • Compare, copy and paste workouts
  • Pre-built performance tests
  • Backfill data from popular wearable devices
  • Train by menstrual cycle
  • Dynamic planning
  • Rest day events

Analyzing & monitoring

  • Sync with the most popular wearable devices
  • Multisport activities from any device
  • Multiple .FIT file importer
  • Color coding for workout events
  • Training analysis
  • Expected Fitness-Form-Fatigue (FFF) graph
  • Performance Graphs
  • Readiness Algorithm

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