Train more athletes

Boost your employees’
Health, Motivation & Retention

​​A tailor-made Corporate Fitness Program
Online, on demand, one-to-one


No more subsidized one-size-fits-all wellness programs without return

​​Let your employees pick the program that fits their time and place and one of our exercise specialists will coach them personally

Needs-based Personalized approach

Each employee is an asset to your company, a unique entity, with different needs, background, and goals. A one-size-fits-all program can fit all, but no one individually. We believe in tailoring a fitness program to the needs, goals and fitness-level of each participant. Then, we support the employee to stay on track and answer A personalized approach with rich communication and totally individualization is the key to engage them

Location & Time Independent fitness program

No need for an in-house gym, no more inconvenience to organize classes and especially a program that every employee can execute, anytime, anywhere, on-demand! Our coaches use our platform to design, monitor and analyze every training of every employee and interact with them with live feedback and messaging!

ROI Dashboard, Metrics and Challenges

Know how your corporate wellness budget is being allocated. While your employees pick when and where to train, you can keep monitor the program’s participation rate. Use our proven gamification techniques to encourage and motivate those who are still undecided. Our challenges will stimulate your employees and keep it committed all the way.

Train more athletes

And with real benefits!

Health & Performance

Starting from scratch? Going for strength & Conditioning? Opting for couch-to-5k? Aiming for performance? Our high-expertise coaches take into consideration every aspect of your employees’ physical condition and goals, designing a fully individualized program for each.

Remote Training

Enjoy all the advantages of remote training and none of its drawbacks. Investing in remote training gives you the opportunity and flexibility to specially tailor every employee’s professional development, in an affordable way. All they need is access to the internet and they’re ready to go. This kind of freedom is also likely to make their training more enjoyable.

A real coach, not an AI machine

Coaching is a mix of art & science. It has to do with the way you develop an understanding for each trainee. And it’s a dynamic and rapidly adjustable procedure. Health can’t be based on an AI machine. Coaching needs the human factor and our coaches are ready to “connect” with your employees.

Our team

Aris Myrkos

Co-Founder & CEO

BSc, MSc, PhD cand
Exercise Physiologist
Trained over 450 athletes
Ironman finisher – Ultramarathoner – Marathoner

Marilena Kokkinou

Business Development Manager

B.Sc., M.Sc.
Athletic Performance Specialist
Exercise Physiologist
Ultraswimmer – Marathoner

George Chavaranis

Software Engineer

Bledi Gegaj

Software Engineer

Dimitris Tsingos

President, Co-founder

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